Motor Manufacturing E Clip Inserter

Itasca E Clip InserterModel E2 C & E Clip Inserter

Itasca Systems, Inc. worked closely with Emerson Manufacturing to create a custom C & E Clip Inserter that would suit the company's most demanding specifications. The outcome is pictured below.

We Work With You

The Itasca Systems, Inc. design team will work closely with your company in developing new mechanical solutions for your specific needs.

Variation, Shaft Sizes .25"- 1.00" Dia.

We will adapt existing Models to produce new variations.

  • Designed to insert two shafts at time
  • Sensor detects full insertion and automatically inserts E-clips.
  • Insert two E or C-clips at the same time.
  • PLC controlled "Allen Bradley"
  • Holds a full sleeve of E-clips when stack is empty.
  • Digital read out for end of shaft to E-clip dimension.
  • Full Insertion checking gauge. "Shaft can not be removed from fixture quickly if E-clip has not been inserted fully"
  • Clip stack run out sensor on each stack of E-clips.
  • Caster mounted frame for portability.
  • Max end of shaft to E-clip is 5.5" with current design.
  • Each fixture stop is adjustable for shaft length "Independent of each other"
  • Design can accommodate .25" – 1.00" Diameter Shaft ( Custom Sizes Available )
  • Error or jam detection, with fault light for each side.
  • Power 120VAC, Air – 60 PSI

Photographs and information featured on this page depict a typical ITASCA SYSTEMS, INC. Motor Manufacturing E Clip Inserter , and may change due to design changes which may be incorporated.