KFT-2 Coil Taping Machine

Itasca Coil Taping MachineThe KFT-2 Taper Model is a manually loaded coil taping machine specifically designed to ensure that covering of coils with pressure sensitive tape can be achieved quickly and accurately.

Basic construction is extremely robust with design parameters to provide a long and trouble-free operating life.

It's designed with a vertical rotating turret upon which the indexing spindles placed at 180˚ displacement allows very precise coil tape tracking. At no time during the life of the tape supply spool does severance of the tape between it and a coil occur. Tape alignment and tensioning is simple and easily accomplished, making adhesion of tape at start and finish of a coil always positive.

A particularly attractive feature is the simplicity of coil tooling requirements. Only two coil arbors and two simple wipe down fingers are needed. Fitting of arbors
is easy because 0.315" (8 mm) diameter stub spindles are provided and wipe down fingers fit with two screws only. Setting up for a wide range of coil sizes and tape widths can normally be accomplished with little training once arbor and wipe down fingers are available.

The standard machine is equipped as follows:

  • Can tape coils with maximum diameter of 2 ¼" (57 mm) depending upon bobbin design and terminal arrangement.
  • Can tape coils with maximum width of 2 ½" (63 mm) depending upon bobbin design and terminal arrangement
  • Manual mode for setting up and proving initial taping
  • Auto mode once correct set up is established
  • Operator loads bobbin or coil manually to arbor and presses two palm buttons.
  • Comprehensive guarding along with the palm buttons provides for the utmost safety operation.
  • Can tape between 1 and 10 turns of tape in ½ turn increments, set by easy counter switch

Automatic Part Counter

All elements of the coil taping operation can be run individually for setting or trouble shooting

PL C Controller

Options Available

  • Arbors and tape wipe down fingers to suit customer's component
  • AC supply, 110-115 volt, 1 phase, 60 hertz or, alternatively 220-240 volt, 1 phase, 50 hertz
  • Two tape reel dispensers for simultaneous taping of dual cavity bobbins
  • Foot switch


Each machine is supplied with a comprehensive manual and drawings for examples of tooling.

Photographs and information featured on this page depict a typical ITASCA SYSTEMS, INC. KFT-2 Coil Taping Machine, and may change due to design changes which may be incorporated.