Model 100XD Programable Coil Winder

Itasca Model 100XD Programable Coil WinderThe Itasca Systems, Inc. Model 100XD Programmable Coil Winder is perfect for companies requiring quick change over, program storage for multiple programs, job shops running multiple varieties of coils, or labs developing new coil prototypes.

Single Spindle with 7.0" Diameter Swing

Itasca Systems, Inc. present line of Programmable Coil Winders includes the Model 100XD Single Spindle Coil Winder. This model is capable of producing a wide variety of coils with the enlarged swing diameter of 7.0". The machine shown has the Wet Bonding option for bonding coils using Acetone solvent with bondable wire.

Computer Controls

The Model 100 comes with available I/O ports for communicating with peripheral equipment. Because of the versatility of the computer control you can adjust the program to suit infinite varieties of wire sizes, pitch requirements, and bobbin widths.

Brushless Motors- Kollmorgen

Multiple Part Tooling

The Model 100XD is also available in 3.0" and 8.0" inch stroke for either multiple part tooling or longer variety of coils.
Upgrade to 16 I/O
Upgrade to 4 Dereeler Ports
Foot Pedal Option
6.0" Stroke
Timing Belt Spindle Drive - Heavy Duty
Extended Way Rods
Wet Bonding
Roller Wire Guide

Technical Data

Spindle Speed: 0-12,000 RPM (optional to 15,000 RPM)
Spindle Power: 297oz. in Continuous Torque, 537 oz. in. Peak.
Motor-Spindle Ratio: 2.66 to 1 High, 1.263 to 1 Low (optional to 1 to 2.486)
Spindle Stop Position: .45ยบ Increments, Programmable: 1 turn=800 counts
Wire Size: 52 AWG (.020mm) -20 AWG (1.33mm) Std.
Pitch Resolution: .00001 in. (.01 mils)
X Axis Travel: 6" (152.4 mm)
X Axis Speed: 300" / minute max. (127 mm / second)
X Axis Position Resolution: .001" (1 mil)
Maximum Rotation Diameter: 7.0" (177.8mm)
Tail Stock: Std. Closed: .75" - 4.75" (19mm-120.6mm) Max Open: 8.5" (215.9mm)
Power Supply: 120VAC 60HZ
Storage Capacity: 8,000 lines of code
Microprocessors: (2) 68HC16, 68332 Motorola
Interface: RS-232 for use with Printer & Personal Computer
Monitor: Backlit LCD display - 1/18" x 5.75" (30mm x 146mm) 4line x 40 CRT
Keyboard: Tactile Touch Membrane
I/O Points: 8 Each Std., 16 Optional: User Programmable
Dereeler Ports: 2 Std. Programmable: Tension & Wire Break
Wire Guide Assembly: Eyelet or Pulley Guide
Dimensions: 19"W (482mm) x 20"H (508mm) x 20DP (508mm), Weight 75 lbs. (34 kilos)
Guard: Programmable to initiate cycle start and cycle stop
Programming: Menu-type (Or- Download from PC)
Foot Pedal Control: 1 Port Std. - (pedal optional)

Photographs and information featured on this page depict a typical ITASCA SYSTEMS, INC. Model 100XD Programmable Coil Winder, and may change due to design changes which may be incorporated.