Tension Dereeler Pipe Mount

The Itasca Automation Systems Dereeler pipe mount is compatible with most winding systems and therefore provides great flexibility.

The Dereeler has an amp style plug that can be connected or adapted to a winder to sense wire break as well as source input for control of an optional Hysteresis Electric Brake.

The base unit consists of a pipe mount dereeler, 6"x 8" spool capacity and a Capstan Tension.

Available Tension Options

Capstan Tension: Standard Heniumâ„¢ Gate: Optional
Hysteresis Electronic Brake:Optional

Hysteresis Electronic Brake:

Available in various sizes, pending torque requirement. All brakes are quick change and programmable through the standard controller. Four standard Hysteresis Brakes are available: 2.5 oz. in., 10.5 oz. in., 32 oz. in., 140 oz. in. Other sizes will be quoted upon request.

Tension T-Bar Assembly

Itasca Tension Dereeler T-Bar AssemblyLarger gauges of wire are usually sold in larger packs. Dispensing of taper pack or drums can best be accomplished using a T-Bar arrangement. Placement of wire can be on floor or table behind winder. The T-Bar accepts the same tension devices that fit the standard dereeler.

Photographs and information featured on this page depict a typical ITASCA SYSTEMS, INC. Tension Dereeler Pipe Mount, and may change due to design changes which may be incorporated.