Custom Hair Pin Coil Forming Machine

Itasca Custom Hair Pin Coil Forming Machine

This machine is designed to automatically form and cut square and rectangular copper wire to specified geometry.

Itasca Hairpin Forming machines feature precise servo feed and form conductors to extremely tight production tolerances. Itasca Hairpin Forming machines are designed for high volume, low cost production and deliver part cycle times as low as 2.5 seconds/part. Itasca uses a proprietary feed and forming process compatible with high voltage insulation systems required for fast switching IGBT controlled traction drive systems used in applications such as high efficiency electric vehicles (HEV).

This machine is a custom design with adjustable tooling for forming different size hair pins. Fully Programmable using a PLC with HMI interface control. Hair Pin Coils are used in generator, alternator and motor applications.

Machine Options Include:

  • In line insulation testing
  • Vision System
  • Automatic gaging
  • Part Tracking
  • In line , programmable wire stripping
  • Servo forming
  • Robotic unload, tray stacking
  • Automatic Tool Change

Photographs and information featured on this page depict a typical ITASCA SYSTEMS, INC. Custom Hair Pin Coil Forming Machine, and may change due to design changes which may be incorporated.