Custom 400-12 Palletized Winding System

Itasca Custom 400-12 Palletized Winding SystemCustom Proto-Type Fly Winder for Syncro Corporation

Itasca Systems, Inc. worked closely with the customer to manufacture and design a custom system capable of winding, tape wrap, flux, solder, terminal trim, test, vision inspection and automatic unload.

Using Pillarhouse Closed Loop Tensioning and Skeiner

The Itasca Systems, Inc. design team worked closely with Customer in developing this custom machine, capable of handling 2 bobbin styles with operator pallet load and automatic unload from the conveyor system. Using 2 spindle pallets to transfer coils to the accessories. The Itasca 400-12 winder pulling 43 and 42 Awg. with custom built accessories to complete the coil.

Palletized System

  • 24-2 Spindle Pallets
  • Mod-u Flex Conveyor system
  • 400-12 Spindle winder winding at 12,500 RPM's
  • Skeiner
  • Closed Loop Tensioner
  • Full Tape
  • Flux with Viscosity monitor
  • Solder with Servo dip ladle
  • Terminal Crop
  • Resistance Test
  • Vision Inspection
  • Auto Unload down a chute to operator
  • System Control Allen Bradley PLC with Panel View

Photographs and information featured on this page depict a typical ITASCA SYSTEMS, INC. Model 400-12 Palletized Winding system, and may change due to design changes which may be incorporated.