Diamond Thermocompression Bonding® (DTHB)

Long-life Diamond Tips 1,000,000 and more bonds

Itasca Diamond Thermocompression Bonding MachineThe best and exclusive patented connection technology of fine wire to pins, pads, flex-circuits and PCB's

  • Bonding hyper-fine wire from 10 μm (0.0004")
  • Low temperature range system, between 752° to 1112° F
  • No damage to bonded components
  • No premature heat aging of components
  • No Flux / Solder
  • Only a fraction of a second for a 10 μm (0.0004") copper wire connection
  • Life cycle over 1 million bonds !
  • Superior repeatability and stability compared to other Thermod Processes

When it comes to fine wire applications and high precision, choose the best connection technology of fine wire to pins, pads, flex-circuits and PCB's. Our DTHB System uses a diamond tip (Patented product), which has the impressive advantage of having life-cycles between 600,000 and 1,200,000 bonds, depending on the materials used. This product life-cycle experience is based on more than 300 DTHB systems delivered worldwide. Our lower temperature range system prevents premature heat aging of components. Other Thermocompression systems use thermodes at roughly 1832°F, approximately 1000° hotter, and have a life cycle of 200 to 300 times less than ours.

Our Sales Engineering group also supports your R&D Department in the development phase of your innovative product and works out solutions to your problems.

We have a unique world expertise in the processing of hyper-fine wire coils and the micro interconnection using our patented DTHB System.

Itasca Diamond Thermocompression Bonding Machine

Thermocompression Bonding works on the basis of one of the physical properties of electrical conductors – their atoms are able to diffuse into another material and vice-versa.

Itasca Diamond Thermocompression Bonding Machine

Like any solid material, the conductor becomes soft within a certain range of temperatures. This range of temperatures is different for each material, and when reached, it enables the atomic structure of the two elements to join together by diffusion.

This rate of diffusion is almost nil at ambient temperatures, so the application of heat is necessary in order to accelerate the process, so sufficient diffusion is achieved to produce a bond within tenths of a second.

Itasca Diamond Thermocompression Bonding Machine

Pressure applied to the materials being bonded ensures an excellent contact between their two surfaces to further promote the atomic diffusion process. The wire and the pad are then strongly linked together by the atomic connections created during the diffusion process.

Technical Data

Number of heads: 1 - 8*
Wire: Ø 58-32 AWG*
Temperature: 752° - 1112° F
Air Pressure: 70 - 90 PSI
Electrical supply: 1 x 240 V / 6 A 60 Hz
Control: NC or PLC
Tooling nests: optional for Chips, Modules, Flex-prints, pads, etc.
Suction for scrap wire removal: optional
1-3 servo-axis for DTHB head movements: optional
Servo-axis: optional 3 phases 480 V 14 A
Pallets for parts: optional
Handling systems for pick & place for loading / unloading: optional
Other specifications: available upon request

Photographs and information featured on this page depict a typical ITASCA SYSTEMS, INC. Diamond Thermocompression Bonding® (DTHB) , and may change due to design changes which may be incorporated.